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Raiders Sports

"Play the Clock": Indicator to possess or pressure ball. Score/Time dictate scenario.

"Rotate and Recover": Balance and cover on defense in unsettled situations (2v1,3v2)

                  " Rotate to Open":  Two players exchange positions (temporary) during flow of play to confuse or lose                                                       defensive marks.

Tackle: To steal/recover the ball with possession.

Challenge: To tip/deflect the ball away from opponent to disrupt opponents possession.

Lunge: To stab at a ball, committing early and losing ones balance in the process.

Secondary Ball: To pass to a teammate 15 yards  + in the air (chip pass).

Overload: 2 forwards play one side of the field to challenge a weak (outside) defender and leave space for outside midfielder to run in open space down sideline = weak side.

Post-up: To seal a defender out to fight for a small space to receive ball (back to net).

Diagonal run: Run a diagonal route from a forward position to free up space or receive ball.

Square pass: a flat pass across the pitch/field to a teammate.

                  Lead pass:  To send a pass in front of a running teammate, timing of pass meets teammates run.

Head check: A glance look over the shoulder to check for pressure.

Hand check: A sweeping motion of the arm behind the player to feel for space or pressure.

Adjacent: Next too

Skip pass: To pass to a player next to your adjacent player. (2 players away)

Window: A look a player can get for goal without having to beat opponent. Create a space to shoot past/around defender on net.

"Echo": A indicator for players to repeat instructions given from sidelines so that all can hear.

"Green Light": Shoot on goalie from anywhere (to test a bad keeper).

"Switch": Move from strong side to weak side (east/west).

Strong side: Side ball is on.

Weak side: non-ball side.

"Take what they give you": What is the defender giving you (dribble/pass)....TAKE IT!

Identify: assess strengths and weakness of your opponent (lefty,righty,fast,slow,big, small)

1 more: the extra pass to open player (EX. 2v1, 3v2,4v3 ). unsettled situations

Plus one: Where we have more players on the field then our opponents due to formation.

Seal/Curl/Drift: Methods for forwards to create separation while staying on sides.

"Look both ways before you cross the street": Look at the back defending line before you make a forward run to stay on sides.

Sequence: Consecutive passes between players/teammates to develop rhythm and possession. 

3 second rule: Amount of time/energy a players uses to gather the ball back after being dispossessed. After time spent separation positioning and patience.

Stand up a player: Keep players/opponents hips to the sideline not downfield. Contain and don't lunge. 

Hand to hip: Distance of a defender playing on a opponent in a post up position (back to net). Can feel where player is rolling before you see it. Can use contact to hip to throw off/ contain opponents positioning. 

"Take on": To face up a player 1v1 to goal or space. 

Backwards to go forward: Drop back pass to a sending forward ball. 

"Hold until relieved": Phrase to buy time (dribble/possession - to space) against high defending numbers until help arrives. 

"Move the ball, to just move it": Phrase used to establish a mindset prioritize teammates to possess and create rhythm. 

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